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Truss Rod - 3/8"x11'

Truss Rod - 3/8"x11'

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Chain link truss rods and truss rod tighteners are used when braces and trusses are installed on chain link fences and gates. Bracing and trussing a chain link fence serves the purpose of keeping posts plumb , i.e. end, corner, and gate posts under the duress of tightly stretched chain link. Truss rods and truss rod tighteners are also used on chain link gates and work like a turnbuckle to help keep a gate square and prevent gate sag. When installing on commercial and industrial gates, usually the longer leg of the truss rod tightener is welded to the corner of the gate frame. The threaded end of the truss rod fits into truss rod tightener and provides a means to tightening. The other loose end of the truss rod is cut and welded to the other corner of the gate frame.

Truss rods are threaded on one end, includes nut.

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