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Trident Magnetic Pool Latch
Trident Magnetic Pool Latch

Trident Magnetic Pool Latch

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Introducing the TRIDENT™ Safety Pool Latch, designed with thoughtful features for your peace of mind.

Experience the benefits of its generous play and vertical tolerance, which effectively prevent gate sagging and simplify installation.

With the innovative SAFE-NOTCH® feature, rest assured that your gate will remain securely closed, even if someone steps or climbs on it.

Unlock convenience with the TRIDENT™ Pool latch's unique capability to close the gate, even when the key cylinder is locked while the gate is open.

Effortlessly identify the maximum gap width thanks to clear markings on the keeper, ensuring easy visibility and precise adjustments.

Enjoy seamless access with the enhanced knob design and angled keyhole, allowing for quick and convenient entry.

The TRIDENT™ Pool Latch not only boasts robust magnetic closing power but also offers easy installation, rust-resistant components, and an elegant, modern design that is protected by a patented innovation.