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Chain Link Fence Line Rail Clamp / Boulevard Brace Clamps

Chain Link Fence Line Rail Clamp / Boulevard Brace Clamps

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Chain link line rail clamps, also called boulevards or boulevard brace clamps, are used in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial fencing projects. Simply put, line rail clamps form a 'plus' '+' with two pieces of pipe or tube. Use line rail clamps to install bottom rail, mid rail, or general pipe framing. Chain link boulevard clamps are used on most chain link backstops. Alternative fittings to form this connection could include brace bands and rail end cups, or even of offset End Rail Clamps.

Two-piece fence line rail rail clamps 'sandwich' the pipe and two nuts and bolts (included) are installed to clamp the tubing in place with friction.

Chain link fence line rail clamps are used to install mid rails and bottom rails on fences. You will also find them used on backstops, sideline kits, tennis courts, dog kennels, greenhouse frames, car ports and many other structures made from round tubing and pipe.



  • 2 Individual Pieces - Makes One Connection
  • Required Carriage Bolts