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Chain Link Fence Gravity Self-Closing Gate Hinge Set

Chain Link Fence Gravity Self-Closing Gate Hinge Set

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DAC Industries Two Way Self-Closing gravity hinges are designed for use with chain link fence gates, and or other round tube gates. These unique hinges allow the gate to close from both directions, without springs, and with the reliability of gravity.

When you open the gate, the bottom hinge is forced upwards at a slight angle, forcing the gate out of plumb. Once you release the gate, gravity will return that bottom hinge to the plumb position, effectively closing the gate for you. If you would like to adjust the closing force, simply raise the bottom hinge up, which exaggerates the angle, and closes the gate harder.

Another benefit of these hinges is that since they work by lifting the bottom portion of the gate, they can be used on uphill swinging gates, while maintaining a standard clearance when closed. The amount these gates will lift will vary depending on many variables such as the height of bottom hinge and the width of gate. They may compensate for a couple inches of incline at best. Hinge sets include two hinge parts for gate post, 2 hinge parts for gate frame, and all necessary bolts.

Pair these hinges with the child safety Zip Latch to create a nice little set of pool gate hardware for chain link pool gates.